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Our  CK service is held at Singapore Expo, starting from 1st May 2022.
If you have new friend(s) coming for CK, do inform us by Thursday through email
so materials/worksheets will be prepared for Sunday CK.

See you there! 😊


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27 Mar 2022

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13 Mar 2022

Fill in the blanks below:-
Two by 2:

Bible adventures:


27 Feb 2022

Bible adventures:

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13 Feb 2022

Two by 2:

The Beginners Bible:


6 Feb 2022

Today at CK Expo, we learnt that the Passover is related to the Chinese new year couplets we see at the door frames.

Israelites took the blood of lamb and mark on the top and sides of their door. This is exactly the same as Chinese New Year custom – hanging red couplets at the door. So these Chinese New Year traditions (with these little details) can be traced all the way back to the Holy Bible.

Through the blood of the lamb, the Israelites were protected and released from the bondage of slavery. Similarly, through the blessing through Jesus, we are also blessed and released from the bondage of sin! Praise God!


30 Jan 2022

Two by 2:



16 Jan 2022

Last CK Live, we learned about how Jesus prophecies were fulfilled.
Today, we do recap of Jesus’ prophecies and about Jesus baptism.
1. Why does Jesus wanted to get baptised? See Matthew 3:15


Jesus came not just to fulfil prophecies but showing us what are the right things to do.

2. In this new year, think about what are some right things you can do at home and in school?


Write your answers down and share with your parent(s) after sermon.
Click HERE for worksheet about Jesus Baptism.

Archives Videos in 2021, click here.